WorldCause Foundation was created by a dedicated family with 30 years experience in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. Inspired by the great work of renowned world humanitarian aid philanthropies, WorldCause Foundation was established as a 501 (c) 3 organization to identify critical needs around the world and contribute to improving the conditions of those affected.

In addition to our intense desire to meet the needs of the suffering, WorldCause is also committed to efficiency and accountability in all our activities.


WorldCause Foundation

To achieve and further our stated purpose, there are three areas through which we gather resources:

  • In-Kind Donations

    WorldCause Foundation receives and distributes donations of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, clothing, food, and other critically needed items.

  • Corporate Sponsorships and Events

    WorldCause Foundation provides an opportunity for corporations and other organizations to provide assistance in furthering our mission.

  • Fundraising

    WorldCause Foundation receives financial support through charitable contributions from individuals, foundations, corporations, grants, and other fundraising initiatives. WorldCause does not use any telemarketing, telefunding, or robo calls to raise money for our mission.

We are grateful to all those who partner with us through their generous gifts to effect a positive change in the growing needs around the world.

WorldCause Foundation provides aid and support for humanitarian, environmental and wildlife causes through three programs:

  • Raise awareness of worldwide need for aid.

  • Acquire and distribute resources including – food, water, medicine, medical supplies/equipment, and clothing.

  • Provide grants to other tax-exempt organizations whose activities further our mission.