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Press Release – October 1, 2013

Follow up Impact Stories for WorldCause Foundation Grant Provided to Jack and Jill Children's Center, Ft. Lauderdale FL

Jack and Jill Children's Center

Jack & Jill Childrens Center
On November 7th, 2012 WorldCause Foundation provided Jack and Jill Children's Center with a $2,000 grant to help continue support for their Emergency Assistance Fund. Jack and Jill Children's Center was one of seven local South Florida organizations which received a grant from WorldCause Foundation to help further each organizations intended mission.

Established in 1986, the Emergency Assistance Fund provides financial assistance to children and families at Jack and Jill who have fallen on hard economic times due to a crisis or emergency situation. Families received funding based on an assessed need.

Emergencies include medical, dental, fire, natural disasters , theft or loss, accidents, car problems, prescriptions, electricity bills, rent and food. Families requesting assistance are required to complete an application detailing the need for emergency funds and must meet with Family Support Specialists to establish a contingency plan. The Family Support Specialist works with the family to establish a long term plan and to discuss resources the family can utilize in order to ensure that the situation does not repeat itself.

WorldCause Foundation recently received some follow up in regards to the grant our organization provided to the Emergency Assitance Fund. We are proud to announce that as part of a result of WorldCause Foundations donation, Jack and Jill has been able to provide financial assistance through its Emergency Assistance Fund to 21 families. Below you will find testimonials from some of the parents receiving this funding:

"I would like to say thank you for your help and support with assisting me with my electric bill. It has been a challenging and adjusting time for me and my family, but it brings me great joy to know that there is an organization such as yours that is there to lend a helping hand in tough times. I cannot express enough thanks for the gift you have given to us. Again, we GREATLY appreciate your help."

Monica McMillan, mother of Amari

"Thank you for supporting me when Maria was in the hospital. Thank you for everything you have done for me concerning her schooling and everything else. Thank you for helping and supporting me throughout all of these years. Again, I thank you."

Mirlene C. Joseph, mother of Maria

"Tierra Carter fell on hard times when both she and her daughter, Uriyah, age 3, were sick for an entire week. She was forced to call out of work and therefore lost a full week of wages. She started to get behind on her rent and was served an eviction notice should she not pay her rent. Jack & Jill paid a half months rent to get her back on track."

Tierra Carter, mother of Uriyah

"Jeffrey O'Neil Sr. is the single father of Jeffrey Jr., age 4. Jeffrey Sr. recently decided that he wanted to pursue another career opportunity in the trucking industry in order to make more money and provide for his family. He recently passed the written and oral parts of the trucking exam and then was told that the driving portion of the exam cost $650. Through funding from WorldCause Foundation we helped Jeffrey pay for half of his exam."

Jeffrey O'Neil, father of Jeffrey Jr.

"Annmarie Stennet, mother of Chance, age 4, is a single mother raising two children. Through the emergency assistance fund, Annmarie was able to obtain a twin mattress for Chance."

Annmarie Stennet, mother of Chance

In addition to these testimonials, bellow is a short summary of some of Jack and Jill Center's major accomplishments and partnerships over the span of the last year:

  • Celebrated our 70th Anniversary!
  • Served 287 children and 850 family members.
  • Provided over 84,000 hot meals and 42,000 snacks.
  • Reduced risks of abuse and neglect from 64% to 18%.
  • 83% of our families increased their income by over 15% over the year.
  • Last years' 5 year old graduates scored 93% on their kindergarten readiness assessments during their first weeks in public school.

Please click the image below to view a PDF (133k) of the letter we received from the Jack & Jill Childrens Center.
Jack & Jill Childrens Center Letter to WorldCause Foundation

Please click the image below to view a PDF (1.2 MB) of the Jack & Jill Childrens Center newsletter covering the results of our outreach grant.
Jack & Jill Childrens Center Newsletter