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Press Release – November 8, 2012

WorldCause Foundation Provides Grant to Horses and the Handicapped of South Florida, Inc., Tours Facilities

Horses and the Handicapped of South Florida, Inc.

WorldCause Foundation is pleased to announce the recent donation of a grant to Horses and the Handicapped of South Florida, one of seven local South Florida recipients awarded with a grant. In addition to the grant, the foundation also had the opportunity to take a tour of the facilities and meet some of the great individuals who help make this program so special.

Founded by The Kiwanis and Soroptimist Clubs in 1982, Horses and the Handicapped of South Florida set out to enable the handicapped to improve physically, mentally and emotionally through the use of equine therapeutic riding and equine activities. During the past 30 years they have successfully provided hundreds of students with thousands of hours of therapy on horseback. The stables and riding area is located in Coconut Creek, FL in the Tradewinds North Park.

By clicking on the image above, you will see pictures of the barn, 10 horses, and the Vesgo Family covered riding arena. WorldCause Foundations grant will help fund students who plan on attending Horses for Courage-An anti-bullying program. Through this program, students will be interacting with horses in a herd mentality to create the metaphors for their individual challenges as they relate to bullying or being bullied. Obstacles are set up in the arena in which the students guide the horses through.

These activities are vital in creating interaction between the student and the horses, which facilitate personal awareness for the student on how horses communicate with them and other horses. As a result of these activities students become aware of how the obstacles create tools to help them overcome their own challenges. Additionally, this program helps students focus on developing assertiveness, setting clear boundaries, building competency and self-esteem, along with improving overall motor skills.

The students also participate in groups and strategize on ways to resolve future negative interactions with peers. WorldCause Foundation is honored to support such a special and unique program along with establishing a new partnership with Horses and the Handicapped of South Florida. The tour provided our organization with great insight as to how much of a positive impact this program has on students who attend.

WorldCause Foundation would like to thank Horses and the Handicapped for the tour and for the great work they continue to carry out within the community.

For more information on Horses and the Handicapped of South Florida and their programs please visit