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Press Release – November 7, 2012

WorldCause Foundation Provides Jack and Jill Children's Center with Grant and Tours Facilities

Jack and Jill Children's Center

Ft Lauderdale, FL- WorldCause Foundation is proud to announce the recent awarding of a grant to Jack and Jill Children's Center, one of 7 South Florida organizations chosen as a grant recipient. In addition to the grant presentation, both Robert Preston and Barbara Wilson of WorldCause Foundation were able to tour the facilities with Executive Director Shannon Prohaszka and Director of Development, Jacquie Pinsky.

Founded in 1942, Jack and Jill Children's Centers mission has been to provide the highest quality of educational and developmental support services for children and their families within Broward County. Additionally, through family oriented child care services and family intervention support, the center works to break the cycle of poverty for children of low-income working families. WorldCause Foundation chose Jack and Jill Children's Center due to their great desire to provide these low-income families with quality care and hope for a more stable future.

As a result of the grant provided by WorldCause Foundation, Jack and Jill Children's Centers emergency assistance fund will continue to provide money to families in need, based on assessed emergencies including medical, dental, prescriptions, electricity bills and rent. A family support specialist works closely with families in distress, determining the emergency and offering a solution to the crisis, meeting the family's basic needs of daily living. Additionally, families have access to a computer lab at the center which aids in the search for employment.

The Emergency Assistance Program provides families in distress with the opportunity to pay for various bills, obtain bus passes, car batteries, rent payment, medical visits as well as food and clothing. On average, 20-30 people will be impacted positively as a result. During the tour of the facility WorldCause Foundation witnessed first-hand the excellent work the center carries out in regards to education for these bright young children.

Through community team work such as this initiative Jack and Jill Children's Center has continued a 70- year tradition of successfully serving the most vulnerable community members. By providing the highest quality of Early Childhood Education and Family Support Services, Jack and Jill has stabilized, educated, and empowered the lives of tens of thousands of children and families, strengthening not only their lives, but the community as a whole.

WorldCause Foundation would like to thank Jack and Jill Children's Center for their generous tour of facilities, the opportunity for our organization to continue fulfilling our mission statement and our newfound partnership. Additionally, both organizations look forward to carrying out more collaborative program service support in the near future.

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