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Press Release – November 27, 2012

WorldCause Foundation Provides Gifts In Kind Donation to Kibasibi Foudnation, Ghana, Order of Malta, Honduras and Attends 2012 Charity Summit

Kibasibi Foudnation, Ghana

Kibasibi Foudnation

Order of Malta, Honduras

Order of Malta Honduras

Fort Lauderdale, FL - WorldCause Foundation proudly announces its most recent philanthropic efforts, two gifts in kind donations of medicines to both the Kibasibi Foundation Ghana, and the Order of Malta Honduras, valued at $3.2 million dollars and $3.5 million dollars respectively.

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America where 60% of people live on less than $2 per day and 80% of the population does not have access to quality healthcare. The Order of Malta operates 11 hospitals and clinics throughout Honduras' rural and urban regions, including a facility dedicated to pediatric care and cancer treatment. Additionally, the Order of Malta provides outreach for the elderly, handicapped, refugees and internally displaced persons through medical and social assistance, disaster relief, emergency services and first aid corps. WorldCause Foundation arranged and paid for the transportation and distribution of $3.5 million of donated medicines which include antibiotics, medicines that treat hypertension, cancer, HIV and depression.

On November 15-16, Barbara Wilson, Director of Development/Grants attended the 2012 Charity Summit in Charlotte, North Carolina to learn the most recent IRS regulations on valuation and distribution of gifts in kind. More importantly, Ms. Wilson had an opportunity to personally meet representatives from WorldCause Foundation Program Partners and learn first-hand how they have directly benefitted from more than $7 million of donated medicines to diagnose and treat cancers, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

In addition to The Order of Malta Honduras donation, WorldCause Foundation also donated $3.2 million worth of medication to The Kibasibi Foundation that will help diagnose and treat similar illnesses like cancer, diabetes and hypertension, and mental health. The Kibasibi Foundation was founded to address some of the pressing healthcare, education, food and water challenges in underserved Ghana. Additionally the foundation provides health and education services to individuals of all ages, along with community development and environmental preservation.

Dr. Issifu L. Harruna, President of the Kibasibi Foundation of Ghana traveled the furthest to thank WorldCause Foundation for support in transporting and distribution of this particular donation. Dr. Harruna noted that as a result of WorldCause Foundations support, they have been able to distribute Gardasil, used to prevent cervical cancer, to 33,000 young women ages 16-26. Furthermore, the Kibasibi Foundation has also been able to effectively diagnose and treat Prostate, Breast and other cancers through the use of their X-ray Fluoroscopy machine and Gamma Scintillation cameras.

In addition, the Kibasibi Foundation has secured and outfitted a donated city bus as a mobile clinic to diagnose and treat hypertension and diabetes throughout Ghana. The Kibasibi Foundation has established other important partnerships and collaborations with Cross International, the Breast Cancer Society, Catholic Medical Missions Board and WorldHelp all working together to provide quality health care and medicines to the poorest people in Ghana. Additionally, the Kibasibi Foundation also strives to help educate young Ghanaians by securing donations of books, college medical textbooks, and scholarships.

Other organizations that presented at the conference and thanked their program partners were: Hope of Life and Nuevo Amanecer providing medicines in Guatemala and Bethesda Ministries International in the Philippines. WorldCause Foundation is grateful for these new relationships with both the Kibasibi Foundation and the Order of Malta, and for the opportunity to continue to carrying out our mission statement, proving relief to those living in abject poverty.

For more information on this gifts in kind donation please email, and click the photos above to see each program partners facilities and outreach services.