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Press Release – November 14, 2014

WorldCause Foundation Provides Emergency Rent Assistance to Mother & Disabled Daughter in Miami, FL

WorldCause Foundation Provides Emergency Rent Assistance to Mother & Disabled Daughter in Miami, FL

Recently WorldCause Foundation was made aware of a Miami family in desperate need of emergency rent assistance. Ana Maria Gamarra and her 25 year old daughter Sarita Pairazaman had unexpectedly fallen on hard times leading up to the holidays. Sarita was born with an intellectual disability along with blindness and is unable to take care of herself without her mother Ana's help. Ana spends the majority of her days working small jobs throughout Dade County providing house cleaning services in order to support her small family.

Before Thanksgiving, Sarita had gotten sick and was in need of medication, forcing her mother Ana to allocate a portion of the rent funding on this medicine for her. In addition to this situation, Ana also began to feel ill and as a result ended up missing close to two weeks of work in order to help care for Sarita and nurse herself back to health. Oftentimes when the sole provider of a family is unable to work this creates tremendous setbacks and makes it very difficult to attempt to catch up with mounting bills including rent, utilities and medical expenses.

Although Sarita and her mother both eventually began to feel better again, the bills had become past due and Ana soon found herself in a dire situation, behind two months on her apartment rent and facing eviction. CCDH had contacted WorldCause Foundation and presented this unique case, asking if we could provide any type of assistance to this family in need. After a brief emergency meeting, WorldCause elected to cover two months' rent totaling $1,300.

WorldCause outreach coordinator, Robert Preston actually placed the initial phone call to Ana the day before Thanksgiving, informing her that the foundation would come to the rescue and cover this emergency funding. Ana cried in disbelief and joy on the other end of the phone and stated that it was a holiday miracle. Shortly after sending a check to the landlord, Robert met with the family. Both Sarita and Ana were so grateful for this generous helping hand which allowed the family to avoid eviction and get back on their feet. Additionally, Sarita said she had made a new friend and was looking forward to the future.

WorldCause Foundation would like to thank CCDH, Ana and Sarita and everyone involved to help make a difference for this small family. More updates on Sarita will be posted to the website in the future.