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Press Release – July 3, 2014

WorldCause Foundation Provides Leg Braces to Valeria Morales, 25

WorldCause Foundation Provides Leg Braces to Valeria Morales, 25

Worldcause Foundation is pleased to announce one of its most recent outreach initiatives, providing 25 year old Valeria Morales with bi-lateral foot orthotic leg braces. Valeria is a very sweet and cheerful young adult who was born with Cerebral Palsy.

Although this condition has presented numerous challenges for Valeria growing up, she continues to inspire others around her and always maintains a positive outlook. WorldCause Foundation was contacted by CCDH, the Community Committee for Developmental Handicaps and informed about her current situation.

Valeria and her mother live together and always try to look at the bright side of things, but unfortunately they do not have medical insurance. Additionally the family does not have the financial means to cover the costs associated with these leg braces.

WorldCause Foundation agreed to contact Dade Prosthetic & Orthotics and schedule an appointment for Valeria to receive a consultation and get fitted for her Bi Lateral Foot Orthotic leg braces. Following her fitting, Valeria and her mother have stated that her quality of life has improved greatly and the foot orthotics have provided greater comfort for her. WorldCause Foundation will continue to provide updates on Valeria's progress as she continues her courageous fight to get better every day.

We would like to thank CCDH of Miami, Dade Orthotics and Valeria's mother for each playing a vital role in allowing WorldCause to provide outreach and support.

For more information on CCDH please visit