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Press Release – July 25, 2013

WorldCause Foundation Provides Home Renovation to Family In Need

WorldCause Foundation Provides Home Renovation to Family In Need

WorldCause Foundation is honored to announce the completion of its most recent outreach initiative, providing a full home renovation for a family in need in Miami, FL. WorldCause Foundation first learned of Marie Desir, and Fristline Victor's family from the Miami Herald Wishbook Coordination Team.

Following the previous successful outreach initiative through The Miami Herald Wishbook team, WorldCause Foundation had contacted them once again for any possible leads on individuals or families in need of outreach services.

Wishbook put our organization in contact with Ubaldo Alvarez, President of Alvarez and Suarez, INC and friend of the family. The mission of Alvarez and Suarez Support, Inc. is to provide the best quality care services for Medicaid Waiver consumers, so that they can achieve their maximum degree of independence, self-determination, and happiness.

Mr. Alvarez had explained the family's current situation to WorldCause Foundation. Fristline Victor is a 13 year old girl of Haitian origin who lives with her mother, Marie Desir in a trailer park community on 8500 Biscayne Blvd, Miami FL. Fristline is unable to walk, speak or perform any task due to a severe and permanent developmental disability.

Furthermore, Florida Medicaid provides Fristline with long hours of personal care so that her mother Marie can work to support the family. Without a car or any form of transportation, Marie works long hours Monday through Saturday, leaving the home early in the morning and often times arriving back after 8:00pm following a full day's work.

Mr. Alvarez informed WorldCause that the trailer home which the family lives in was in dire need of repairs. Some of the problems the family experienced on a daily basis included holes on the floors, underneath the stove top in the kitchen, holes in the roof, which allowed water to leak into the bedrooms, cracked tiles, broken windows, as well as broken and outdated air conditioning units throughout the home.

Marie and Fristline make up a small yet courageous family, who don't complain much and smile often, grateful for what they do have and accepting of things as they come. WorldCause Foundation hired a contractor and made numerous site visits to the home to take photos and measurements assessing the situation and determining what needed to be fixed.

WorldCause Foundation and the hired contractor worked on the home fixing everything including the windows, holes in the roof and floor, the purchase and installation of 3 brand new LG air conditioning units and replacing the broken tiles in the hallway, making things a little more accessible for Fristline and her family.

Since these repairs have been made, the family has expressed its gratitude towards WorldCause Foundation for the outreach they provided at no cost to them. Additionally, the family has stated that the new air conditioners have helped tremendously in keeping Fristline and her family comfortable throughout the day.

WorldCause Foundation would like to thank everyone involved for helping make this outreach initiative possible, including Debbie Magenheimer of Miami Herald Wishbook, Ubaldo Alvarez of Alvarez and Suarez Inc., and Felix Young the contractor, who all played a vital role in helping improve the quality of life for this special family.

WorldCause Foundation is grateful for everyone's help, allowing our organization to continue to carry out our intended mission statement, providing outreach to those living in abject poverty and creating a lasting impact for those in need.

To see before and after photos of the entire outreach initiative, please click the image at the top of this story!