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House of Joy Church Fire


Press Release – January 16, 2012

WorldCause Foundation Provides Financial Donation to Tse ee gai House of Joy Church Following Fire

WorldCause Foundation is pleased to announce its most recent philanthropic initiative, a financial donation to the Tse ee gai House of Joy church, located in Black Mesa, AZ. The House of Joy Church is well known among locals in Black Mesa, Arizona for providing outreach services to the community throughout the Navajo Nation. These outreach services include but aren't limited to intervention, counseling, community service, food distribution, healing, and guidance.

On December 6th, 2011, the House of Joy Church suffered a catastrophic fire which destroyed its multipurpose fellowship hall. Prior to this unfortunate event, the building served as a kitchen, dining & fellowship hall, Sunday youth class center and place of monthly church board meetings. Initial reports state that a stove used to prepare meals may have caused the fire.

WorldCause Foundation was contacted by the House of Joy's Pastor John Wilson Jr., who explained the severity of the situation as well as the loss of newly installed appliances. Some of these items included 75 chairs, tables, a 3 in 1 commercial sink, stoves, 2 refrigerators, a freezer, and school supplies, along with the entire building structure itself.

Pastor Wilson stated that the church burned down within 15 minutes, and that it took fire rescue crews over 45 minutes to finally reach the scene due to the church's remote location within the Black Mesa Mountains. Thankfully, no one was injured during the fire but the property damage was extensive.

This donation to the Tse ee gai House of Joy has provided WorldCause Foundation the opportunity to help the church get back on its feet during this difficult time, along with allowing the foundation to carry out its intended mission statement; providing relief and helping those in need on a domestic and international scale. Pastor Wilson and the Tse ee gai House of Joy Church are extremely grateful and hopeful for the future, as the church begins to rebuild.

Arlyssa Becenti, writer for Gallup, New Mexico newspaper The Gallup Independent, ran a story on the fire which can be viewed by clicking on the image below this article. WorldCause Foundation would like to thank House of Joy, as well as The Gallup Independent Newspaper for granting permission to post the article within this release. Please continue to check back to our news & press section for information on new initiatives the foundation is involved with as well as future updates on House of Joy's progress.

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