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Press Release – February 21, 2013

WorldCause Foundation Provides Outreach to Blind 4 Year Old

WorldCause Foundation Provides Outreach to Blind 4 Year Old

WorldCause Foundation is honored to announce its most recent initiative, providing much needed outreach to Payton Petty, a 4 year old in Broward County who is going blind. WorldCause Foundation first learned of the story mid-January after reading an article published in the Miami Herald. The article stated that Payton had inherited a rare, unpredictable condition called keratitis from his mother and maternal grandmother.

On some days Payton's vision is just good enough to make out shapes and colors, on other days even the slightest bit of light aggravates his vision and hurts his eyes. The article brought a lot of attention to some of Payton's needs that still needed to be fulfilled. WorldCause Foundation learned that Payton Petty and his father had been working closely with Lighthouse of Broward.

Founded in 1973, the Lighthouse of Broward serves visually impaired children, youth, working age adults and elders and is the primary resource for services and information for the blind in Broward County. As the only source in Broward County for comprehensive rehabilitation training and adaptive computer training for adults with visual impairment, the Lighthouse also is the only local facility offering specialized skill building for blind babies and children based on the National Agenda for the Education of Children and Youths with Vision Impairment, including those with Multiple Disabilities.

Robert Preston Jr., Executive Director of WorldCause Foundation and Robert Preston Sr. the organizations President, began correspondence with the Lighthouse and a meeting was set with Payton, his father and Lighthouse representatives Cindy Wolke, Olga Idrissi, and Karen Parparian to determine some of Payton's needs and how WorldCause would be able to help.

During this meeting it was decided that Payton was in great need of bedroom furniture, as he was currently sleeping in the living room of their home, some type of de humidifier to eliminate airborne allergens that aggravate his eyes, coverage of the costs associated with eye and vision exams provided by NOVA Southeastern University, and any magnifiers and special eye glasses he may need as a result of these tests.

In addition to these needs, it was also determined that before any bedroom furniture could be picked out, a complete renovation of Payton's bedroom would need to take place. The current state of the bedroom was an unfinished home improvement project and the room was not fit for any furniture or habitable for Payton.

WorldCause Foundation pledged its commitment to purchase brand new bedroom furniture, cover all costs of the eye exams, along with necessary prescribed eye glasses, purchase a brand new television and Honeywell dehumidifiers for the home, and cover all costs associated with hiring contractors to renovate the room and get it ready for furniture.

That very weekend contractors showed up at Payton's home and began work on the bedroom including providing brand new window treatments, baseboard installation, new allergy free paint on all walls, ceiling renovations, and window locks. Pictures of this process can be seen in the slideshow above this article. By the end of the weekend, the room was finished and the next stage of this outreach could be initiated.

On Thursday February 7th, Payton, his father and representatives from WorldCause Foundation and Lighthouse of Broward traveled to Rooms to Go KIDS located in Oakland Park, FL to purchase brand new bedroom furniture. Payton moved from bed to bed ultimately deciding on a beautiful full size bed, mattress, dresser, and toy chest for his newly renovated bedroom. After picking out the furniture everyone met at Home Depot to pick out a few air purifiers for Payton's bedroom and living room.

WorldCause purchased 2 top of the line Honeywell UV Hepaclean air purifiers designed to eliminate all kinds of airborne allergens, purifying the air in the surrounding area. In addition to the air purifiers, an Energy Star dehumidifier was also purchased, which will help pull over 64 pints of moisture out of the air. Since these have been placed throughout Payton's home, his father has told us that they have provided a tremendous help in relieving Payton's allergies and he has been doing a lot better.

Following Home Depot, everyone then went to Best Buy where WorldCause Foundation purchased a brand new Toshiba 50 inch flat screen, along with a TV stand for Payton. This will allow Payton to engage in learning programs much easier than before, when he had to press his face against a smaller outdated television at his home.

The Payton family has expressed their gratitude to WorldCause Foundation for our help in providing this special young boy with a greater quality of life. WorldCause Foundation is grateful to have been able to provide outreach for such a great family, and establish strong relationships with the Petty family and Lighthouse of Broward going forward.

Photos of the room renovation, the day of shopping and the new bedroom can be seen by clicking the image above.

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