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Press Release – August 21, 2014

WorldCause Foundation and CCDH Provide Smart Drive Power Assist Wheel to Jazzmin, 18

WorldCause Foundation is proud to announce its recent collaboration with CCDH of Miami to provide 18 year old Jazzmin Pelchutte with a Smart Drive Power Assist Wheel. Jazzmin is a bright young woman who suffered an auto immune attack during the summer of 2013. The attack initially left her paralyzed and blind, but she has since regained her sight and movement of her upper body.

WorldCause Foundation had provided Jazzmin with an Easy Stand Glider machine to help improve her strength and motor skills back in April 2014. Jazzmin was set to begin classes at Florida International University for the fall. Her father Tim got in touch with WorldCause Foundation and explained how she would benefit greatly from a state of the art Smart Drive Power Assist wheel.

Jazzmin had been commuting between classes using her wheelchair, and moving herself with her arms. Although she was able to get around, this type of repetitive action can tire out her arms and lead to exhaustion. Additionally, it would be harder for her to focus in class after having to push herself all over campus beforehand.

WorldCause Foundation researched this particular device which attaches to the wheel chair and allows the individual to slightly move the wheel, and the device takes over and drives the wheelchair in the intended direction without added arm movement. Additionally, the device has multiple speed settings and can help provide added mobility for Jazzmin during her daily commute to class and around the campus.

Since 1975, CCDH has helped those with disabilities within the Miami community. The organization prides itself on developing partnerships with local outreach organizations as well as providing support and outreach services of their own to people in need.

CCDH was kind enough to donate $2,000.00 towards the Smart Drive Power Assist Wheel for Jazzmin. WorldCause Foundation contributed $3,600.00 , to cover the remaining portion. Jazzmin has since been able to travel freely around the campus without overexerting herself. WorldCause Foundation is proud of Jazzmin and supports her on this exciting new chapter in her life.

We would like to thank CCDH for all of their continued help and support, as well as NuMotion for providing the Smart Drive Power Wheel.

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