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Press Release – April 8, 2014

WorldCause Foundation Provides Grant to Family in Need

WorldCause Foundation Provides Grant to Family in Need

WorldCause Foundation is pleased to announce its most recent outreach initiative, providing an unrestricted grant and additional funding for a family in need. Recently, our organization was contacted by Joannie Hughes, a single mother living in Plaquemines Parish, LA with her 18 year old son Jacob. In 2009 Joannie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and the disease has affected both her and Jacob since the original diagnosis.

Some of the symptoms she experiences include trouble with mobility, vision issues, and general pain and discomfort associated with MS. Additionally, both her and Jacob's original home was destroyed by Hurricane Issac in 2012. As a result of the hurricane, their residence experienced flooding and mold which created hazardous living conditions. Joannie and Jacob have since moved to a safer, healthier environment but still continue to experience daily struggles as a result of her MS.

Joannie had mentioned that she is unable to work due to her illness and she was unable to cover basic costs associated with medicine prescriptions, living expenses including utilities bills, rent and her son Jacob's college application and graduation expenses. Furthermore, Optic Neuritis, a condition of her MS prevents Joannie from driving some days. She explained that her son Jacob wished to get his driver's license so he could help drive her to doctor's appointments, run errands around town and so he can gain employment and commute back and forth from college but that their current financial situation prevented him from doing so.

WorldCause Foundation Provides Grant to Family in Need

WorldCause Foundation pledged an unrestricted grant in the amount of $500.00 to Joannie, to help cover prescription medicine expenses, utilities bills, Jacob's graduation fees and his college application fees along with household expenses above their personal budget. Additionally WorldCause also contacted the Victor Manning Driving School located in Metairie, LA and agreed to cover the additional $450.00 cost associated with the driving class Jacob needed. On March 29th, Jacob successfully completed the class room portion of the certification, and a few days later completed the driving portion.

Jacob thanked WorldCause Foundation and explained that with our organizations help he now has his license and can commute back and forth to school and take his mother to doctor's appointments. Furthermore Jacob also shared that he has been accepted to LSU for the fall 2014 on a scholarship to pursue his dream of becoming a music teacher. In addition to this great news, Jacob also told us he has obtained a job in a nearby county teaching music to students, which wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for WorldCause covering the expenses associated with completing his driving course and obtaining his license.

Joannie expressed her gratitude for the grant and let us know that they met the deadline for Jacob's LSU college application with 2 days to spare as a result of WorldCause Foundation's help. Furthermore she said life has become a little easier and that the grant has helped out tremendously in a time of need. Joannie also stated that WorldCause Foundation has given her family renewed hope during a tough time and that they are thinking positive and moving forward, grateful for their blessings. WorldCause Foundation would like to thank Joannie, Jacob and the Victor Manning Driving School for their help as well. We would also like to congratulate Jacob and wish him continued success during this exciting new journey in his life.

More information on Victor Manning Driving School can be found at More information on Multiple Sclerosis can be found by visiting