The human spirit can prevail in adversity when, through the caring and commitment of others, the most fundamental of needs are met.

WorldCause Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid, medical equipment, educational supplies, and basic needs to the ill, abused, those in abject poverty or the victims of natural disasters. We also recognize the need to protect our environment and animals, both wild and domestic.

There is a great need in America and around the world to provide aid and assistance to those persons in abject need of basic necessities for living due to poverty, the inability to acquire these necessities, or the results of natural or other devastating disasters. WorldCause Foundation understands the compelling need, and provides direct aid and assists other charitable organizations that further our mission.

Featured CausesHenry Ford Health System

Camp Boggy Creek

Located in Eustis, FL Camp Boggy Creek is a year round camp for seriously ill children. Learn More

WorldCause Visits Camp Boggy Creek!

Kibasibi Foudnation, Ghana, Order of Malta, Honduras

WorldCause Foundation proudly announces its most recent philanthropic efforts, two gifts in kind donations of medicines to both the Kibasibi Foundation Ghana, and the Order of Malta Honduras, valued at $3.2 million dollars and $3.5 million dollars respectively. For more info click here.

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Foundation, Inc.

WorldCause Foundation is pleased to announce one of its most recent philanthropic initiatives, providing an unrestricted grant to Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Foundation Inc., located in Hollywood Florida. For more info click here.

Henry Ford Health System

Henry Ford Health System

Henry Ford Health System is a worldwide leader in developing advanced treatment procedures for various diseases including prostate cancer and other urologic diseases